"I have tried many local and online transcription services. Transcription Plus, LLC is far and away the best service I have worked with. Reports are timely and highly accurate. Communication is easy. Off-shore transcription may be slightly cheaper, but the increased time and money I spent in editing is not worth it. Go with Transcription Plus, LLC."

Jeffrey J. Meter, M.D.
Bay Area Spine Consults, CA


"Transcription Plus is a major asset for my company. We are a market research firm, so accuracy is a top priority - Transcription Plus, LLC always pulls through. The staff is extremely proactive and responsive and they offer superior quality at reasonable prices and they always get the work done when they say they will. Transcription Plus is like having your own support staff in-house and I highly recommend them to any small or large business."

Adam Tomanelli
Research Partners

"We use Transcription Plus for a variety of content, from lectures and conferences to transcribing video tapes and teleconferences. The turnaround time is great, sometimes as short as 24 hours. Accuracy is better than other services we have used. If you've got an important job, go with these folks, you won't be disappointed."

Michael Cohen
Ciné-Med, CT


"It is with pleasure that I recommend Transcription Plus to my fellow physician providers. Documents are consistently produced in a timely fashion, with grammar and presentation being of excellent construction. I truly appreciate the flexibility, accessibility and promptness that Transcription Plus provides, as part of our off-site office team."

Patrick J. Corcoran, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Cardiovascular Medicine

"From a dollars and cents standpoint, Transcription Plus has reduced my overhead. Employee insurance benefits, bookkeeping, payroll contributions, office space and equipment requirements are all taken for granted. This service has many hidden cost-saving benefits that I didn't realize until my accountant made the observation. I have saved time and energy, which can be channeled towards my patients."

Steven W. Shaw, D.C.
Shaw Chiropractic


"An excellent service, provided in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Transcription is extremely accurate and the privacy and confidentiality of my reporting has been maintained at all times. Overall performance has led to more than a 10% increase in my "on the road" marketing potential. I would seriously recommend Transcription Plus to any single-person office or small business with limited access to secretarial services."

Ian Wheaton, VP North America
Air Resources America, LLC - TX

"She did a GREAT job on the Public Hearing. There were some really difficult speakers that kept walking away from the microphone, and she caught everything!!! Budgets are so tight here, I’m trying to avoid using a Court Reporter unless absolutely necessary. Thanks for a great job!!"

Municipal Town Clerk


"My recommendation of Transcription Plus, LLC comes from our relationship of over eight years. They have been very reliable, responsive, accurate, and competitively priced. As technology has changed they have used it to decrease their response time, decrease our costs, and increase their ease of use. Over the years they have shown their willingness to accommodate the way we do business. All of this taken together, Transcription Plus, LLC brings so much more to the table than just transcription."

Mark Salsbury
Pediatric Cardiology Assoc., CT

"You and your team at Transcription Plus did such a great job transcribing my interviews awhile back with international medical graduates, that I wanted to introduce you to a colleague."

Peggy Chen, M.D.
Yale University


"You are the best"

Yogangi Malhotra, M.D.
Yale University


“The format of the last two transcriptions were perfect and I'm very pleased. This service has the potential in saving the Town hundreds if not thousands of dollars.”

Municipal Town Official

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